NFSA specializes in advising & arranging funding for commercial banks, microfinance institutions and NBFIs in Asia & Africa by tapping its large lender & investor relationships.



NFSA is playing an important role in providing a global VC platform, a truly global Accelerator & enormous market & client access to startups from Asia & Africa.

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What We Offer

We help our clients grow by supporting them in raising funds either in the form of debt or private equity placement. Additionally we have a strong mergers and acquisitions practice to where we assist you in maximising returns for the stakeholders.

Our “all services under one roof” approach makes us unique and enables us to help our clients execute their strategy successfully.

By singularly focusing on the financial institutions sector only, we believe we understand the sector & the emerging markets in Africa & Asia well and can provide enhanced value to our clients.

We do not apply a cookie cutter approach across segments but address the challenges as per the reality of the sector. This sector and domain focus differentiates us from the market.

Debt Advisory

Knowledge of lenders’ key offerings & understanding its long/short term alignment with client needs

Equity Advisory

Relationships with FI-focused venture capital funds, complete understanding of fund appetite and access to the key decision makers

Mergers & Acquisitions

A decade of experience understanding the borrowing requirements of FIs across emerging markets, combined with strong structuring & risk mitigation skills

Growth Strategies & Partnerships

Structuring transactions in a way which allows the business to re-position and grow

Collaborative Technology Solutions

Customized solutions with efficient terms, pricing and collateral


Connect & pitch to hundreds of VCs and HNI investors actively looking for deals in fintech space, help you manage the data and financials and open markets for you

Debt Advisory

We guide our valued clients to choose the right financial product from a vast range of debt instruments. We truly understand that the efficiency of your business depends upon an efficient fund arrangement at an attractive cost for you, to serve your borrowing clients seamlessly. In this rapidly changing global financial landscape, you can count on us to be your trusted advisor on strengthening your balance sheet by delivering customized capital structure alternatives designed for maximum profits.

As part of our debt syndication services, we undertake thorough analysis and multiple screenings & strategizing the transactions in a way such that maximum value is derived out of them.

Debt Capital Markets Advisory

We are a specialist Debt arranger for your capital & growth financing needs. With over a decade of understanding the borrowing requirements of Financial Institutions across the emerging markets, we have developed strong structuring & risk mitigation skills to bring the best funding structure for you.

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From raising medium term loans & trade loans (<1 yr) to structured trade finance, debt syndication and debt capital markets we know the best fit for your firm. Park it with us and we will deliver.

Other services include IM(Information Memorandum) preparation; Projections of your future business plans, preparation of financial models & assistance in negotiating with the lenders to get the best possible terms for you.

We have 250+ man years experience in debt structuring & distribution with a strong bond with Banks, DFIs, MIVs, sovereign wealth funds and family offices.

Private Equity Placement

Our relationships with FI-focused venture capital funds, complete understanding of fund appetite and access to the key decision makers of these funds, give us an unparalleled edge in closing private equity transactions. We advise banks, NBFIs, microfinance institutions & fintech companies across in arranging capital from strategic investors at various stages of business like early/ growth/ late stage.

Not only we would get the best equity partner for your business- financial or strategic, we will handhold you in every step as a trusted friend and guide. You can count on us.

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M&A Advisory

M&As (Mergers and acquisitions) have become an essential activity globally for financial institutions aiming for rapid growth universally. It increases the operational efficiency , and in turn, helps them to generate better capital.

Nimai Financial Sector Advisory has been actively advising its clients on divestiture & de-mergers, buyouts, collaborations & joint ventures to create value for the stakeholders.

Our involvement would cover all the stages of deal management:

Brainstorming with the management about the most appropriate positioning

Conducting business valuation, creation of investment memo and business plan

Reaching out to investors

Managing multiple investors with varied offers for the due diligence process

Effectively coordinating with service providers for the due diligence process

Advising stakeholders on the negotiations

Nimai Financial Sector Advisory brings together business analysis, valuation experience and structuring skills to generate the best value for your business and the right justification for making the investment decision.

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Strategic & Growth Advisory

Strategic Advisory
We understand that our clients need to run faster to stay where they are! Nimai Financial Sector Advisory believes that pursuing the optimal business model constitute half the battle won – the other half is relentless implementation. We help you make these critical strategic and business model decisions to benefit from our long and well regarded competency.

Further, we also develop implementation frameworks and hand-hold you in navigating this challenging environment. Our services are invaluable in the emerging global narrative where strategy formulation and implementation will not be sequential, but simultaneous and continuous processes.

Growth Advisory
We offer growth advisory services including structuring transactions in a way which allows the business to re-position and grow. Also, it leads to enhanced penetration and increased valuations.

Strategic Advisory – Risk advisory/ Processes/ Growth & 5 year Strategy Planning

Collaborative Technology- ready platforms

Top Management Hiring & Training

Correspondent Banks

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Startup fintech space is buzzing. Global fintech funding galloped to a record $210B in 2021, an increase of ~168% over 2020. VCs opened their purses to early stage startups by investing a staggering $115B to the budding unicorns. The process, still, is frustrating for the founders making a dash to various VCs with their pitches. We understand that very well.

Our team of mentors will guide you to achieve your startup dreams faster than you planned & our qualified accountants will help you manage the data and financials. We would be glad to open markets for you by showcasing your fintech capabilities to our 2200+ relationships in the banks & FI space across emerging markets.

Founders choose NFSA to raise funding for 3 reasons:

One of the most active global startup accelerator
The GAIN, based out of Bangalore, India is our global partner offering best in the world mentoring and making fintech startups investment ready.

To be found & funded
We not only help the startups in refining the pitch and having better understanding off valuations, we bring a very large and diverse Investor pool to your doorstep.

Want growth
NFSA will provide you a massive customer reach across 52+ countries and 2200+ FI relationships. Find market for your solutions & products, with us on your side.

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