Market Leader in raising capital for Banks, NBFIs and Microfinance Lenders in the Emerging Markets

We believe in Being your long term partner in growth because we understand emerging markets

We Connect the Two Worlds

Relationships across Banks, Non Bank Financial Institutions & Microfinance Institutions across Central Asia, Africa, CIS, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent.
Understanding the country risk, financial institution risk, and the risk hedging tools available

Years of dealing has given NFSA a deep understanding of the investing appetite and Process flow.

Have strong relationship with 1000+ lenders
Bridging the gap to promote Financial Inclusion in the Emerging Markets

What We Do

Debt Advisory
  • Short-Term Trade Loans
  • LC/ SBLC Confirmation Lines
  • Long Term Loans (Senior Debt/ Subordinate Debt)
  • Debt Syndications/ Club Deals
  • Money Market transactions
Equity Advisory
  • Arranging Private Equity
  • M&A Advisory – Sell side & Buy side
  • Deal structuring & price negotiations
Strategic Advisory
  • Growth & diversification advisory
  • Risk & Compliance
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Geographical Diversification
  • Surplus liquidity management
  • Product Diversification
  • Human Resources
Collaborated Technologies
  • Digitisation
  • Technology Tie-Ups
  • Technology implementation and maintenance

Our Methodology

Identify various liquidity sources, build relationships, understand their appetite & requirements, their deployment mandates – process & procedure and availability of funds.
Aligning the requirements of the client with the expectations of the lending institutions
Long-Term & Short-Term Financial Strategy
Knowledge of lenders’ key offerings & understanding its long/short term alignment with client needs
Devising Financially Prudent Structures
Customized solutions with efficient terms, pricing and collateral
Achieving Optimal Transaction Costs
Structuring transactions in a way which allows the business to re-position and grow
Due Diligence & Documentation
Experienced team offering in-house credit analysis & structuring capability. Deep understanding of various markets, regulatory and legal framework.

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