Globally, about 1.7 billion adults (representing roughly a quarter of the world’s adult population) are unbanked and lack access to a functional transaction account with a financial institution or mobile money provider. These individuals by extension, also lack access to credit and insurance cover against potential disaster. Virtually all of the world’s unbanked people live in developing countries.

Nimai Capital was established with the overarching motive of promoting financial inclusion in Africa. We seek to elevate the unbanked and improve access through the entire value chain of financial services by selectively investing in financial service providers including Banks and Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFIs) such as leasing companies, microcredit schemes, micro-insurance companies, cash remittance providers and Financial Technology firms (FinTechs) who in turn provide products and services which help improve access to financial services at reduced cost. 

At Nimai, we are confident that investing into financial services in selected countries across Africa will help promote inclusive growth & accelerate the pace of financial inclusion by supporting institutions focused on addressing financing gaps and the needs of those at the bottom of the pyramid. Our focus goes well beyond simply helping individuals to open a bank account but rather ensuring access to an appropriate range of financial products and services (e.g. bank account, credit card, saving account, deposits, insurance etc.) in a convenient and affordable manner, to vulnerable groups and typically overlooked segments of the populace such as women, youth, rural people and low income earners in transparent manner. We also encourage our target groups to smooth out consumption habits into constructive savings towards home ownership, education loan or investment in local stock market (Stock market participation), thereby encouraging financial literacy and sustainable social protection by means of appropriate access to insurance products.

While we recognize that each of our target investee countries is unique and therefore has specific needs, there are also a number of crosscutting issues.  Women and small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) are amongst the most underserved in every country, for instance, women represent 56 percent of all unbanked adults globally and over 1 billion women still lack access to the financial system while more than 70 percent of women-owned small and medium enterprises have inadequate or no access to financial services. It is for this reason, at Nimai, we focus on investing into institutions with a predisposition to supporting women and SMEs.


Nimai Capital's motto is to encourage, motivate, initiate and ensure that the underbanked have better access to financial services globally.



Nimai Capital Limited is an emerging asset management firm led by a highly experienced team of erudite and astute professionals with an extensive network of global relationships of high-level professionals and board-level partners. Nimai Capital Limited is domiciled in the Cayman Islands with a subsidiary office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We seek to continue to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors, our investees and the communities in which we work.

Nimai Capital Limited is the fund advisor of Nimai Africa Financial Services Fund, a private equity fund focused on the banking and financial services in the African market. We strive to create value for humanity by positively impacting on the lives of millions of the world’s poorest households in addition to delivering attractive financial returns to our partners and investors. We are a unique fund in the region both in terms of our focus and in terms of our approach to supporting the markets we serve. Nimai addresses a growing but under-served financial services market by providing appropriate funding and knowledge instruments to help our investees to leverage on technology and replicate successful experiences in other countries in order to more efficiently fill market gaps in spite of rapidly changing demographics, macroeconomic uncertainty as well as regulatory and policy constraints which often inhibit the effective penetration and delivery of financial services in African markets. 



Our vision is to create long-term value for our investors by investing in emerging financial services opportunities enabled by technology/mobility and enabling financial inclusion to improve the lives of at least 1% of the global unbanked population by providing access to superior financial services products.


Investment Objectives and Strategy

The principal investment objective of Nimai Africa Financial Services Fund is to generate long-term capital appreciation and enable financial inclusion through privately negotiated equity and equity related investments primarily in companies based or having or pursuing operations in the identified sectors of emerging financial services in the target region. Nimai will focus on frontier markets in Africa, particularly, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana and Rwanda – where financial services businesses are rapidly being established and growing, and there is a need for equity infusion and global expertise/guidance. These markets are experiencing higher than global average growth rates with strong potential for penetration of financial services and adoption of fintech given the rapid mobility/infrastructure expansion.

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