Nimai Capital will focus on improving financial inclusion in developing markets of Africa, South Asia & India while investing in portfolio companies to serve the underbanked/unbanked customers, women & MSMEs, thus focusing on maximizing both social & financial returns for the investors. Nimai Capital will bridge the funding gap to responsible Financial Institutions & MSMEs hence promoting sustainable growth of the financial sector. Nimai capital follows the UN Principles for Responsible Investing & aligns with the Internationally Accepted ESG guidelines for investment oppurtunities & risk mitigation policies of the Companies while investing & exiting from portfolio companies. Nimai Capital will positively screen for companies that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals & are willing to adopt clear deliverables on social performance. The end goal of Nimai Capital is to build financial resilience for the underbanked/unbanked customers, women & MSMEs, thus improve the long term health of the Financial Sector contributing to the overall well-being and economic growth of these developing markets.

Financial Inclusions

Nimai Capital investee companies will be at the forefront of financial inclusion. Investee Companies will provide accessibility to financial services/products in an affordable & convenient manner with the help of technology



Nimai Capital believes in creating sustainable impact & value creation for each of its portfolio companies. Nimai Capital believes in generating commercial returns while creating social sustainable impact.

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